CFO - Southwest Health System, Cortez, Co

Community Hospital Corporation
Chief Financial Officer -Southwest Health System, Cortez, Co
Following the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors and CHC's Senior Vice President of Hospital Financial Operations, the CFO is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the overall financial planning and financial operations of the hospital while ensuring compliance with the hospital's mission, vision, values, goals, strategic direction, and applicable laws and regulations.
S/he appraises the organization's financial position and issues periodic financial and operating reports; directs the hospital's financial planning, revenue cycle, payroll, and accounting practices; oversees and directs treasury, budgeting, audit, tax, purchasing, real estate and insurance. The CFO develops and implements policies and procedures to include safeguarding of assets and adherence to generally accepted accounting principles; ensures proper accountability and reporting to federal and state agencies and all matters pertinent to a fiscally responsible flow of operations. S/he assures the implementation and adherence to CHC system-wide financial policies and procedures.
The CFO is responsible for positive relationships and effective communications with lending institutions, the financial community, Community Hospital Corporation, medical staff, employees, volunteers, community representatives and board members as appropriate. S/he fulfills the leadership role in the CEO's absence.
Education and Experience
BS/BA degree in finance, accounting, business or a related discipline required
A CPA designation preferred
A graduate level degree is a plus
5 7 years of progressive career experience in Hospital Finance/Accounting. Hospital CFO experience required.
Requires managerial experience and demonstrated understanding and experience with hospital financial reporting, revenue cycle management, accounting, budgeting, accounts payable, treasury, audit, tax, payroll, information technology and materials management.
Prefer experience with HMS.
Skills and Knowledge
Knowledge of hospital and health care practices and procedures as well as laws, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to health care finance
Knowledge of financial management, accounting systems, treasury practices, risk management, financial controls, productivity measures, risk management, reimbursement principles, management care contracting, information management, and materials management
Knowledge of and demonstrated skill in leadership, strategic management, change management, communications, team building, continuous quality improvement, problem solving, decision-making, innovation, and stewardship of resources
Ability to plan, organize, develop, implement, and interpret the necessary programs, goals, policies, and objectives that are necessary for providing sound financial management of the hospital.
Ability to solve management issues and direct numerous and varied operations.
Ability to identify and resolve operational and administrative problems
Ability to work with Medicare system and be adaptable to changes
Ability to accept accountability and create a high performance culture
Ability to define realistic, specific goals and objectives and to prioritize objectives
Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
Ability to motivate and manage people and work with them in such a manner as to build high morale and group commitments to goals and objectives
Ability to work with all levels of management and respecting all differences
Ability to communicate and relate well with others including staff, physicians, the Board, employees, community business leaders, volunteers and the general public
Communicates openly, respectfully, and in timely way
Shares information appropriately and keeps others well informed
Encourages others to share contrary views
Responds in a timely manner to messages/requests
Ability to be trustworthy
Ability to establish and communicate a clear and compelling vision
Ability to attract, develop and retain talent
Ability to work independently and make independent decisions as necessary
Ability to support and model CHC's values and competencies
Ability to lead and maintain a culture of safety and quality
Ability to work in a rapidly changing and stressful environment
Skill in establishing a balanced perspective on mission effectiveness and business results
Possess a strong customer service orientation
Possess critical thinking skills
Possess sound and accurate judgment and timely decision making
Proficient PC skills, including Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets
Major Responsibilities
Supports the mission of the hospital
Assures hospital compliance with federal, state and local government laws and regulations, accrediting agency standards ad hospital policies and procedures rules and regulations.
Participates in the development of the facility's strategic plan and short and long-term objectives which will ensure the continued growth of the facility and the provision of necessary services to the community; implementing plans and programs as approved by the governing board.
Operations Management: Collects and analyzes data from internal and external sources regarding current way of doing business, finance, accounting, information management and related processes. Conducts needs analysis, identifies and prioritizes needs, applies good problem solving skills. Identifies alternate processes and potential solutions and acts to implement changes to improve financial operations.
Safety and Quality of Care: Leads and maintains a culture of safety and quality including a safe functional environment. Provides opportunities for all who work in the hospital to identify safety and/or quality issues, bring issues to management's attention, and participate in safety and quality initiatives and planning.
Financial Management: Participates in the preparation and management of sound operating, project and capital budgets. Ensures the effective use of risk management, financial controls, productivity measures, reimbursement principles and contracting. Meets budget-critical financial metrics. Effectively negotiates third-party contracts. Provides stewardship of all financial and physical resources.
Human Resources: Ensures the availability of adequate numbers of competent staff (including physicians and contract labor) that are properly credentialed, educated, trained, motivated and engaged. Directs performance management systems including policies/practices for providing timely feedback, recognizing excellence and dealing with problem behavior and poor performance.
Information Management: Ensures effective collection, categorization, filing, management, privacy, confidentiality, security, redundancy, retrieval and reporting capabilities of all data and information used by the hospital. Guides the development of plans for meeting the growing demands of information management and the development of information technology especially relevant to healthcare.
Vision and strategy setting: Establishes and communicates a clear and compelling vision. All stakeholders know the hospital's mission, vision, and priorities. Works with Board, senior management team, physicians and staff to develop, implement, and update strategies and opportunities for growth and improvement to support the hospital's mission and respond to external and internal issues.
High performance culture: Conveys values and acceptable behavior to all stakeholders through own actions. Creates an organizational climate that encourages teamwork, builds employee engagement, collaborates, accepts accountability, and produces quality results. Inspires individual and organizational excellence.
Internal Communication and Relationship: Demonstrates effective interpersonal relations including influencing/persuading at all levels inside the hospital and corporation. Builds rapport and trust with team through frequent/timely communication. Develops and maintains effective medical staff relationships. Seeks input from stakeholders. Anticipates and addresses concerns. Contributes to the creation of a culture of communication.
External Communication and Relationship: Works with community leaders as appropriate to assess community healthcare needs, build a positive hospital image and market hospital services. Actively participates in his/her community through civic and other service. Demonstrates appropriate political savvy, tact and diplomacy.
Talent Development: Wants people to develop. Accurately assesses developmental needs and provides frequent feedback, coaching, and personal development opportunities. Faces up to performance and behavior problems quickly and directly. Does not shy from providing timely corrective feedback. Takes action promptly to remove talent that is non-responsive to coaching and developmental activity.
Accountability: Sets clear, consistent goals and expectations. Holds self and others accountable for decisions and actions. Demands high performance. Is reliable, keeps commitments, and delivers results. Creates an ownership culture.
Champion for Change: Speaks out for change and helps staff understand reasons for, and benefits from, change. Makes change real for individuals. Links change to work processes and involves stakeholders in the change process. Follows through on change initiatives. Communicates constantly with all affected by change.
Maintains the hospital's compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements.
Fully participates in the Compliance Program as defined by CHC Corporate policies, procedures, and practices timely with support documentation and reporting as required.
General Duties
Supports and apply CHC's core values of Respect, Integrity, Stewardship and Excellence in the performance of job functions.
Supports CHC goals. Complies with CHC policies and procedures as they relate to the performance of job functions.
Is actively committed to quality of patient care, treatment, and services. Measures and reports quality results to hospital and corporate teams. Fosters continuous quality improvement. Participates in corporate-wide and hospital-based performance improvement activities.
Is actively committed to providing excellent customer service. Strives to meet or exceed patient expectations/satisfaction in the performance of job functions.
Is actively committed to meeting and/or exceeding physician expectations/satisfaction in the performance of job functions.
Is actively committed to meeting and/or exceeding employee expectations/satisfaction in the performance of job functions.
Retains all hospital accreditations, licensures and designations in good standing.
Maintains compliance with all laws and applicable regulatory requirements. Acts promptly to comply with required changes.
Supervisory Responsibilities
Manage subordinate manager(s) who supervise employee(s) and/or supervise individual contributors as appropriate
Provide overall direction, coordination and evaluation of all units under supervision
Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with hospital and CHC's policies and applicable laws
Interview, hire, and train employees
Plan, assign and direct work
Appraise performance and develop staff
Reward and recognize notable performance
Address complaints, resolve problems and address unacceptable behavior
Southwest Health System:
Southwest Health System located in Cortez, Colorado, operates Southwest Medical Group which is comprised of several clinics offering primary care and specialty services and Southwest Memorial Hospital, a Critical Access Hospital. Originally opened to care for their community in 1914, they offer the latest in medical and surgical technology, emergency care, a vast array of out-patient medical and wellness services.

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